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A world of chaos

You are Depraved...and I am sorry... -- 29/05/01 19:50 PM by >> bz

If you find yourself asking any of the following questions, then you are in serious need of some sort of assistance.

1. Who am I?
2. Is this the name of God?
3. Is this still a gun?
4. Where is mother?
5. Why can't I remember?
6. Am I the one that's mad?
7. Didn't I just kill you?
8. Is this the real world?
9. Are we still playing the game?
10. Am I already dead?

This has been pubic (that's not a typo) announcement brought to you in full by buzman.org.


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Tooth Paste -- 23/05/01 14:51 PM by >> bz

One day I went to buy a tooth brush. I walked to the local supermarkets and headed for the toothbrush aisle, and found tooth brushes by three different manufacturers. I chose the one whose tooth paste I also use.

But it wasn't over yet, oh no. There were two models provided by this manufacturer, called "Professional" and "Contact". No what the hell do those mean?! Does professional mean I have to be a professional to use it, or that it is good enough for professional use, or is the name just a stupid sales ploy to sell stuff which had a cool name? And what about Contact then? Does it mean that Professional has no contact to the teeth, or that Contact has better contact, or that it's just another stupid name? And to make things even more complicated, there was a completely seperate rack for Professional, while the others shared a rack; but there were Professionals at the common rack, too.

And what about hardness then? There were four types of Professional : extra soft, soft, medium and hard. The extra soft ones were available only on the Professionals own rack. But there only were two types of Contact : soft and medium. Now, does this mean that they have a different scale? Why no hards of extra softs of Contact? Are they so good that they have been sold out, or are they so bad that they have never been ordered in?

Contacts cost almost twice as much as Professionals. Does this mean it is twice as good, or just twice as expensive to manufacture? On the Professional's package was the word "New", and on the Contact's there wasn't. Does this mean that Professional is easier to manufacture now or just stripped of the expensive parts?

Of course, I had to choose color, too. Well, that was easy. I will NOT buy a pink tooth brush, and they were mostly white, just some parts had different colors.

Well, I ended up choosing blue medium Professional. It only took 10 minutes. Lucky I wasn't buying socks.

toothbrush - toothbrush - toothbrush - toothbrush - more clean teeth


Monkies are a Pain in the Ass! -- 14/05/01 16:37 PM by >> bz

To all readers of Buzman.org:

Please excuse my last post. I was sitting at my workstation, reading the news, when I heard a loud metallic crash coming from the datacenter. Now, I am used to hearing strange sounds from the datacenter, but something about this noise was different. I ran into the server room and found the monkeys running everywhere. One in particular caught my attention. He was sitting on the mailserver and intently pouring bottles of beer from the party last Friday down the ventilation system! When I reached to stop him, he jumped up and ran away. I had to chase him for an hour before I caught him. Well, it turns out he was a distraction. While I was chasing this one monkey, the other 999 were infiltrating the developer's room. By the time I had them rounded up, they had posted that last message, and written several obscenities regarding Penguins and Devils. I sincerely appologize to my readers as such a surreal, and off the cuff post is highly unusual for buzman.org. So the following photo set is to encourage those people who may have been scared off by the monkies to enjoy the good wholsome, down-to-earth fun provided at buzman.org.



monkey - monkey - monkey - monkey - monkey - more monkies


Whoever Wrote this has Great Sense of Humour -- 12/05/01 8:12 PM by >> bz

Dear Sir,

I am writing to lodge a formal complaint regarding the penguins you provided. When I placed my order with your company and took you up on your seemingly generous "free penguin!" offer I most certainly did not envisage anything like the chaos that has ensued. In fact, I would go so far as so accuse you of blatantly false and misleading advertising. To be specific:

- You advertised *a* 'free penguin'. While I have not yet managed to complete an accurate count of the number of penguins that arrived at this address, I estimate there to be not less than 70,000, and probably significantly more.

- *Nowhere* in your literature or instruction manuals did you mention that all the penguins would be potheads and prone to raiding my stash at every opportunity. I also assumed, and I think it was a very reasonable assumption to make, that the penguin(s) in question would be *proper*penguin*colour* rather than psychadelic. Do you have any idea how this impacts on the interior design? I have to wear sunglasses in my own living room!

- When I checked the box to specify I required an English penguin, I expected said penguin would *speak* english. While it is true that two or three of them do, several speak french, around 11,000 speak urdu, polish, and/or japanese, and I am not able to ascertain the native language of the remainder as half of them seem to be communicating in some sort of code, and the rest will only say "eep".

- You stated that the penguin(s) would be "unobtrusive and easy to care for. Integrating into your life seamlessly, they will enrich your household". Well I'm sorry, but I have to say I do not believe these penguins have "enriched my household" in the slightest! They lounge around all over the place speaking gibberish, are constantly making long distance phonecalls (my last phone bill was approximately two to the power of the American defence budget), they wreck the kitchen every night when they have the munchies at 2am, they stampede at my friends and knock them over, and they are constantly escaping and wreaking havoc in the neighborhood, causing me to have to spend hours rounding them up.

In view of the above, I demand that you:

Remove all the penguins from this address within 48 hours, and Provide me with between 1 and 27 proper-penguin-colour (ie monochrome), english-speaking, non-druggie, well-mannered replacement penguins. If you do not have these in stock then I am prepared to accept a non-penguin-based free gift of an equivalent or greater value.

If you fail to take any action concerning these penguins then please be aware that I shall be contacting my lawyers with a view to taking further action on this matter.

Yours etc


pussy - pussy - pussy - pussy - pussy - pussy


This Strange Effect -- 09/05/01 8:12 PM by >> bz

I like ganja,
It makes me wanna manga,
All sorts of wonderful things.

Like chocolate bars,
And naked stars,
And a feast that's fit for a king.

Pudding cake,
A vanella shake,
And a camel toe or two.

There ain't a treat,
That I wont eat,
Unless the treat is poo.

Ok, I'm sorry 'bout the poem....I know it sucked....but I'm tellin' ya, I'm not a shit eater. Nor a shit eaters son. But I will fuck shit eaters, as long as I cum.

munchie - munchie - munchie - munchie - munchie - munchie - munchie


Flightless Birds -- 01/05/01 16:29 PM by >> bz

Jules the Short Sighted Penguin
Could never see very far ahead of him.
As a result he found his black blue too often.
His teachers at school thought that,
"Mommy Penguin or Daddy Penguin
were just being bad parents." 
But really, Jules was just clumsy.

His sorry eyesight required him to wear 
large, shiny glasses.
But, because penguins have no ears,
the doctors at Penguin Hospital had to 
grow some on thebacks of some labrats and
surgically attach them to the sides of 
Jules' head.

Now, not only was he half-blind,
he was the only penguin with ears.
No-one else understood why that scene
from "Resevior Dogs" scared Jules
so much. 
Either way, Jules was able to see properly
for the first time. But, unfortunatly
his gawky clumsiness was further ingrained
in him now that his sight problems were fixed. He was 
still very clumsy.
His parents tried to help him,
but it was to no avail.
The inevitable happed, one day Jules
was crossing a road,
he was not as mindful of the cars as he
should have been. Poor, dumb, stupid 
flightless bird!
You know that new pretty pink lipstick
you bought yesterday? Funny how it was
on sale, seeing as how they're having
a whale blubber shortage at the moment,
....don't you think.


GO LEAFS GO! -- 27/04/01 14:29 PM by >> bz

Top 10 times in history that the "F" word was appropriate:

10) "What the FUCK was that?" -- Mayor of Hiroshima, August 1945

9) "Where did all these FUCKing Indians come from?" -- Custer

8) "Any FUCKing idiot could understand that." -- Einstein

7) "It does SO FUCKing look like her!" -- Picasso

6) "How the FUCK did you work that out?" -- Pythagorus

5) "You want WHAT on the FUCKing ceiling?" -- Michelangelo

4) "I don't suppose it's gonna FUCKing rain." -- Joan of Arc

3) "I need this parade like I need a FUCKing hole in my head!" --JFK

2) "Scattered FUCKing showers...my ass!" -- Noah

1) "How the FUCK did they do that?!" -- New Jersey Devils regarding The Leafs




A Brief Moment of Clarity -- 25/04/01 15:29 PM by >> bz

Its just easier to think of yourself as being at exactly (0, 0, 0, ((0))...) by definition.

Easier than constantly checking against an impossibly Absolute Frame of Reference, (341.53, 9.124, -0.0000168, ...)

So don't be too judgemental about the self-centered people they just weren't good at math.

brief - moment - very brief



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